Mel Kiper Jr.がFirst Takeに加わり、オハイオ州立大学BuckyesのクォーターバックDwayne Haskinsを6位で、Miami Dolphinsが13位のOklerhoma SoonersのKyler Murrayを選んだ。 。 Kiper氏はまた、オクラホマ州に移転した後の元アラバマクリムゾンタイドクォーターバックJalen Hurtsのドラフト株についても議論している。

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  1. Patti Spear より:

    Mel said what Josh Allen did this yr was amazing. 52 percent comp and the lower rated passer in the NFL. Amazing!

  2. KL Chambers より:

    Well Patrick Mahomes sat out and look at him……

  3. Jeffrey Abbey より:

    Haskins to the giants!

  4. Eli Knight より:

    I ain’t hear shit about will Grier

  5. How the fuck do these networks keep allowing a walking talking meme like Mel Kiper on, to talk about a subject talk he has proved time and time again that he knows absolutely nothing about lmao

  6. tracy powell より:

    Don't think Murray will fall to 13.

  7. Richard Soto より:

    If the G Men luck up and get Haskins boyee! They will be unstoppable

  8. Joaquin より:

    Hey espn, newsflash… a qb will NOT be taken in the top 5 nor will there be one rumored to be… talking bout how Herbert was the number one overall pick get off the qb hype train.. none of the teams in the top 5 r gonna give up on their qbs rn and the defensive talent right now is much more worthy of top 5

  9. Joaquin より:

    Why is Murray being taken 13th so shocking to Stephan A? A lot of ppl think that he’s the 4th best qb in the class

  10. Jesus Sierra より:

    If you do the birdbox challenge while listening to molly, she'll sound like a dumb blonde!

  11. JJ Henry より:

    Kyler murray will remember this Stephen a he’s too small same thing they said about mahoanns

  12. Rock Monstrr より:

    4:57 Mel calls Stephen A Max 😂😂😂

  13. Molly is annoying……

  14. My goodness. The Miami Dolphins haven't made this much off-season news since Jesus Christ last walked the Earth. They will go back to being the putrid football team that takes a dump on the field every Sunday once they succumb to themselves and claim "we already got our man for QB".

  15. The Dolphins are a bunch of clowns. It gives me this crazy feeling that Brian Flores is going to dump them anyhow.

  16. Surf Surfing より:

    Rosen will be fine.

    Giants will be fine, if they draft a QB. i think NYG throws a curve ball & gets Kyler, & Haskins goes to WSH, Jags or MIA.

  17. MsGilli1995 より:

    who is mel kiper anyway?

  18. Chris Moyers より:

    Kingsbury already said He would take him at #1. Arizona has the first pick. Their coach? Kingsbury. Mel can suck it!

  19. Roger Goodell より:

    With the 1st pick in the 2019 NFL draft, the Arizona Cardinals select…

  20. Giants is going to draft Daniel Jones! 36 Starts in 3 Years, He can sit a year behind Eli and then start in 2020. Haskins I feel is very talented but just One year of starts is not enough!!!

  21. Neil Singh より:


  22. ToddN Norris より:

    I know everyone is slurping up Kyler Murray and talks about how fast he is, but he also played in a conference that had 0 defense, so of course he had his way there. The NFL is going to eye opening for him, especially after he takes a few hits. Things move so much faster and the players are so much stronger.

    Plus if you think of all the "fast qb's" that won the Heisman, their speed does not seem to work out well in the NFL (RG3, Manziel, etc).

  23. Haskins gonna be a bust

  24. Height doesn't matter lol Brock Osweiler is like 6 foot 8 and he's trash and Drew Brees is somewhere around 6 foot and a hall of famer.

  25. fgchico98 より:

    Everybody knows zion is going number 1

  26. amare Logan より:

    I feel if he comes into the combine at 5'10 the same height as Wilson I bet he will be a fasure top 10 based on teams wouldn't want to let another Wilson get away Russell was also drafted in baseball if that draft was redone Wilson would have been the #1 pick

  27. Black Mamba より:

    We all know he’s gonna go like 3 or 4 .

  28. talking discrimination ?

  29. Jarvis Juice より:

    TArod Taylor…get it right!

  30. Kegan Hall より:

    No no no Dolphins DO NOT DRAFT A 5’8 QB 🤨 F**k No, I want Haskins

  31. Lol josh rosen is a bust i knw if lamar jackson didnt do what he did mel wld call him a bust

  32. LegacyOfSean より:

    Under 5'10? Lmao. Good luck anyone who grab him.

    Yes giants got Barkley and the best QB in draft the following year . ALL THE HATERS WILL COME OUT From ANALYST.

    Jets rookie QB won't be that GOOD, Rosen already looking not that good , Mayfield the only good one from rookie draft .
    Oh yeah Jackson .. He will be a flash in the pan.. He'll look bad one season force him to pass and man press WIDEOUTS

  33. machiatoluv より:

    Cardinals will trade with OAK (#4 and #24), draft CB G.Williams @4, and Murray @#24

  34. Jonathan L より:

    so if a team drafts him and he goes baseball they just wasted their first round pick right? I mean shouldn't that be a huge deterrent?

  35. Nacho Gonzaga より:

    Haskins will be like Josh Rosen, a bust Ohio St QB’s always turn into busts in the NFL

  36. WE NEED A QB AND WR IN JACKSONVILLE‼️‼️, I Dont See Any QB Being Taken High Because The Defense Players In The Draft Is Real And Teams Are Looking For Stout Defenses To Maintain These Major Offenses In The New Day NFL

  37. Bango Bang より:

    Molly belongs in Pornhub….fast food is racist? What a dim trophy bimbo with no talent.

  38. Seth Doty より:

    Y’all are 😴😴 on Haskins over Murray. Murray would make the Giants a hole lot better than Haskins would. Y’all just like Haskins because he’s bigger.

  39. Shawn Edwards より:

    Kyler won’t slip past 10 absolutely bugging Kyler is not bluffing about baseball he’s using as way to get into the best nfl situation possible if he ends up in a situation he doesn’t like he will play baseball. He will pull a manning/ Elway and choose where he goes to get more money and the best situation because he has the baseball leverage.


  41. AC より:

    The Giants will not move up to take Haskins, they will consider taking him with the 6th. Last season the Gmen  led the NFC East in scoring and were last in D. In a draft loaded with D talent, I expect them to take the best available IDL, LB,DE a kid like Allen. This team could have won 6 or 7 more games with better Defense. Max and Molly are not Giant fans. Stop lying!

  42. All I know is if he comes in at 5’9 or above he should be the first qb off the board

  43. Bobby Thomson より:

    Hey molly tell again how fast food is racist.

  44. Mike Dee より:

    They both are going to be mediocre unless the offense changes for running quarterbacks

  45. xxxyoungboy _ より:

    Dolphins don’t mess up get kyler Murray idk how tall he is

  46. Lou より:

    Honestly switch the Jacksonville pick w Miami. Ford won't go top 10 and jville needs a qb

  47. Kash Teller より:

    Wtf. The Dolphins are too stupid to take Murray

  48. A1since Day1 より:

    Jalen getting draft stock

  49. Pat R17 より:

    This is the second time I have seen a glitch with him. @6:40

  50. Cardinal taking another qb??? Fire that gm asap lol!! Giants defense and oline is trash so they better fix it.