Bizmates無料英語学習単語とフレーズTip 250「ここには…」











  1. Akiyo Domoto より:

    Here's to Hika's new challenge!

  2. Akiyo Domoto より:


  3. S S より:

    Bizmates is the apple of my eye,Here's to Hika's smile (^-^).
    We're looking forward to see Hika's smile again very soon,Can't wait!

  4. Hi Sir Hika. Thank you for the last four years of sharing wonderful idioms and expressions to help non-native speakers sound more natural in speaking English. For the past 8 months, these idioms in your video series has helped me improve my vocabulary and a good way to make the first 3 minutes of the class meaningful, especially if the student is not in the mood for a small talk. Most of them are pleased to learn new phrases and some even practiced it on casual talks. I'm utterly grateful for this. Although I'm sad, I'm more excited for the new video series coming. I'm sure it'll be more beneficial and fun to the viewers. 😀