How To:柔軟で、すばやく分割する体が柔らかくなる方法【開脚】



私の最初のビデオ! 🙂

Melodee Moritaチャンネル、初の動画です!!





♦私のNYC Life Vlogチャンネル:








♦「ベストオブ」Melodee Morita





いつものように、このビデオは私によって完全に監督され、撮影され、編集され、翻訳されています。見てくれてありがとう! :)。




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  2. Nice

  3. Tq this video help me

  4. Eggo Waffle より:

    The only type of splits I can do are 100-degree angle splits. :')

  5. du du より:

    Is this natural or training result?

  6. Guri Singh より:


  7. Is anyone else in pain

  8. Ajiem Life より:


  9. It's simrin より:

    You looking like a doll

  10. Priju Roshan より:

    Kawaii ❤😘

  11. 무서운 😱 너무 이거로

  12. powpaow より:

    It would be awesome if you could make videos like this but that we can follow you. 15-30 min workouts! ^^

  13. Bobby Simar より:

    She looks like puppet.

  14. Cheryl yt より:

    2018 ?

  15. Katsu Asa より:


  16. Kawaii Kiss より:

    Thank You SOOOO Much!!! I can now almost do the splits!

  17. Well done ..
    Lovely smart..

  18. Nancy W より:

    Her posture is amazing.

  19. I can finally get down, but my hips always turn out which means it isn't square. No matter how much i tried to make it square, it just wouldn't be square and keeps turning out. Is this normal for beginners?

  20. excellent tips

  21. 発音が凄くいい!

  22. I find these ballerina stretches helpful in increasing flexibility to perform better in martial arts. I do 合気道 where flexibility reduces injuries and improves on footwork.

  23. NIce

  24. It is possible to split after 18

  25. 모모쯔위 より:

    Guys learn first how to do the front split

  26. できれば日本語でも、説明するか書いてほしいです

  27. Suzuki Saori より:


  28. Who else is here trying to turn into Yuri from Yuri on ice?

  29. 橘AYNE より:


  30. 俺英語わかんねえ

  31. In love with you. Great content and channel!

  32. THANK YOU!

  33. 私はこれがPEでとても悪いことが必要です。私たちは体操ユニットをやっています。

  34. りんこう より:


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  37. 私もバレエをやっていて、一番痛くないトゥーシューズのテーピングの仕方やテーピングに必要な物を教えてください!

  38. Tabara鼠 より:


  39. 英語にしないでーーーー(´・ω・`)(´・ω・`)(´・ω・`)(´・ω・`)

  40. Aisha Bennet より:

    2:48 a bit confused but what do you mean by 'hips are open'? Thanks for the video btw 🙂

  41. Nisha Agarwal より:

    Can't do 1% of this 😔

  42. V より:

    I used to be so flexible and I’m gonna start some martial arts so I need flexibility and I can’t even spread my legs apart anymore 🤦🏽‍♀️

  43. ぽんひな より:


  44. Kawaii😍 Nice video and i will try it tmr.

  45. Gim より:

    I'm literally the least flexible person in the world and I'm really happy I found this channel!!! I'm going to try and do this every single day for 4 weeks and then later I'll update you guys how has it been